a rant

as in Wisconsin the Ohio governor is trying to fuck over workers here in OHIO Kasich has been the target of demonstrations across Ohio because of his support of Senate Bill 5, which would effectively strip public employees in Ohio of many of their collective bargaining rights. Just because you got elected over a democrat does not mean that you get to screw OHIOANS Mr. Governor!!!!!

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  1. This is going to sweep the nation Mike. It's been brewing for a very long time. I'm sorry that this is making you angry. It's just beginning. 🙁

  2. what got me going is that before we got collective barganing. as a C/O we did not get overtime,we sometimes were force to work 16 house a day ant that exrta time was put on the books instead of getting paid..it is this kind of shit that will make it's way back into the work force,and that scares me. not to mention I'm afraid that they will go after those of us that are retired and schaft us the same way.

  3. I understand Mike. I so understand, but this issue has been front and center here in California as well. Unknown what will happen, but I don't think any of us are going to like it much.As for us retirees I don't think there is much they can do besides roll us back to what we made when we retired. There are contracts involved that cannot be rescinded. The big issue for us if if the county or state goes bankrupt. That would cancel our contracts. That's the scary part. 🙁

  4. You are right. since I did not work in the private sector very much my social security will not be much at all.So yes I am scared especially if the state cancels my disability income.Wanda's Wings,scarry just scarry.

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