Way back when…….CLASS OF JANUARY 1971

This was me back in January 1971. It is my Graduation picture taken for my Year Book. I was a member of the last mid-term graduation at Max S. Hayes High school. 1971 was the last mid-term graduations in the Cleveland Public School system.

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  1. We never had mid term graduations around here. I bet it was nice to be out early! I graduated in 78, not too far behind you.

  2. I graduated in the spring of 1969. Right before you graduated. Great shot of you, and I've seen it a time or two before. We never had midterm graduations at our high school. Wonder why?Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. Sandee, I started a half a year late than because of my seizures causing too many absentences I fail a half a year so I ended up graduating in 1971 instead of 1970.

  4. Speedcat Hollydale, the only reason I have this is that my Mom had it in her photos,I got it when she passed away in 2003.

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