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U.S. Marines

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines “Darkhorse” and the heavy casualties they’ve taken since being deployed to Afghanistan in September. Almost 20 causalities in October and November. Below is a list of the 3/5 Darkhorse Marines that I was able to find. If I’ve missed anyone please let me know. I’m not able to profile them all individually, but you can go here to find more information on these men.

Marine Sgt. Ian M. Tawney
Marine Lance Cpl. James D. Boelk
Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph C. Lopez
Marine Lance Cpl. Alec E. Catherwood
Marine Lance Cpl. Irvin M. Ceniceros
Marine Pfc. Victor A. Dew
Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph E. Rodewald
Marine Lance Cpl. Phillip D. Vinnedge
Marine Cpl. Justin J. Cain
Marine Lance Cpl. John T. Sparks
Marine 1st Lt. William J. Donnelly IV
Marine Lance Cpl. James B. Stack
Marine 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly
Marine Lance Cpl. Randy R. Braggs
Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon W. Pearson
Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew J. Broehm

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Christopher Lee

Sadly there’s been another casualty that needs to be added. On December 2 3/5 Darkhorse lost Marine Sgt. Matthew T. Abbate. If you could add his name to the post. Hopefully this will be the last one, not only before Wednesday but for good. They’ve been through enough.

4 Comments on “Wednesday Hero

  1. My prayers got out to all of the families. We should not have to making these posts after 10 years.If we had been in Afghanistan to begin with after 911 I think all of this mess would be over with by now.Bill is headed back for his 3rd time and they are saying Afghanistan. We are all scared to death. Three times and come home without even a scratch is really pushing it.We are praying God will bring him home safe this time also!!Thanks for sharing this Mike. I just can't bear to do these posts because of Bill and our nephew, a Marine!Hope you have a great day!Jackie:-)

  2. What a shame. The world is in such turmoil. What a shame.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. AirmanMom,Rodger That.The painted Veil,Jackie I have to agree with you.unfortunately the Bush administration choose to attack Iraq befor finishing the job in Afghanistan FIRST!I do thes posting as a way to honor our Heroes.Sandee,you are right about that.unfortunely there will not in the near future where everyone agrees to Live and Let Live.

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