Friday flashback

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  1. Great picks Mike and also a very very important message.I hardly even ever hear about our troops anymore and that angers me.As you know Bill has already been informed and is on wait to call for Afghanistan. So he and all of our troops are always on our minds and in our prayers in this family.My favorite theme from out of all three is the first one….great tune!I also love all of the music from the movie Apocalypse Now….wow, that's an awesome movie also.Have a great Mike!Hugs,Jackie:-)

  2. Flashback for sure. The sights and sounds of my youth. Memories of so many young lives snuffed out like candles and Viet Nam was classified as a conflict, not even a war. God bless our soldiers every one!

  3. Love the Mash one. I loved that show too. I watched it every single week.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hugs. ­čÖé

  4. Shinade,the paint it black was running in my head this week and I knew that it was the theme of Tour of Duty,so A war show was this weeks flashback.Jo,funny how they did that.Mari,I liked 2 of the 3.T.O.D and M*A*S*H.Sandee, so did I as well.

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