Veterans Day


I hope that I might run into some of my fellow vets at APPLEBEE’S today, since they are thanking us for our service with a free meal.

7 Comments on “Veterans Day

  1. Amen. I am going to see if my sister in law feels up to going out for dinner. My best friends grandson is also in training camp right now.

  2. Thanks for posting those songs Mike. There is something special about each one. Thanks for your service to our country too!

  3. Oh I do so hope you have a grand day Mike. Thank you so very very much for your service to our country!!Big hugs,Jackie:-)

  4. Wanda's Wings,Mari,Sandee,and Shinade,That you all for your comments.I was in great company today at the Applebee's where I went to.there were a lot of veterans having a meal.

  5. Travis,with the issues that you were having I understand. my AT&T router and netgear router give me fits at times so i understand why you were not able to vist.I am just one person amoung many that answered the call to service.I would gladly do it again even knowing that I would ened up in that personel hell I went through.

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