An outing and blowing it.

Yesterday after Celestine’s Drs appointment we went to Gales Garden Center in Westlake to see their Christmas displays.Yes folks the Christmas season has started.We found a nice wreath for front door.when we got home we tried to hang it and that when the fight started.So now I’ in the dog house.

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5 Comments on “An outing and blowing it.

  1. Mike is supposed to fix things and Celestine is the decorator. It's just that simple and it keeps you out of the dog house. Hope you don't have to reside there for very long. Big hug to you both. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee, when Celestine comes home later today we can talk things out if not well I guess that dog and I will be sharing fleas for some time.

  3. Mari,I'm not to sure about this time.I got an ultimatium last night and I was so pissed that I just flipped her off. so me thinks I'll be in that house for a while.

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