Today Stinks.

As it says this is not a good day. We saw a leak in our April Aire humidifier during the weekend. Today a man came out from the heating and cooling company we use. They changed our filter said there was a blockage in the saddle valve. He shut off off water main and cleaned out the saddle valve. Then the fun started, the main water shut off valve is leaking so we called the guy back out and now we need to have that valve replaced and he shut off the water coming into the house. The valve is still leaking and we have to wait for the water company to come out to turn off the water, then a certified plumber has to come out to replace the valve and turn the water back on again. Oh Boy. Oh joy.

3 Comments on “Today Stinks.

  1. Sorry this is happening to you Mike. If it isn't one things it's something else.Try to have a good day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Plumbing issues aren't known for bringing the good out of anyone! Hope things improve soon!

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