my autumn desktop

Sandee has this posting on her site, so I decided to change my desktop to this autumn theme.

Here is a link to the site,there are a lot of different ones to choose from.

8 Comments on “my autumn desktop

  1. That's a beautiful picture.How are you doing today? I've been thinking and praying fro you.

  2. Mari,that is a great picture.I am doing Ok today. for some odd reason the middle of the week is when I seem to have really low days lately,Go Figure.Sandee, You got it Kiddo!Wanda's Wings,that is why I put up the link to the site.

  3. I too am glad to hear that you are doing better!! I love this picture. In Southern California, for the most part, the trees are always green…no real seasons and fall is so beautiful.

  4. Clueless in the Sacramento area if I'm remembering correctly the trees did not change much at all as well.God that was so long ago(32 years) when I moved back to Cleveland.Bing I have a second one that i found that has a waterfall in the picture as well.

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