This is my cat Harvey he likes to tunnel into blankets especially when we are runnin g the A/C

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  1. Awww…Harvey is a cutie pie. He's a cold cutie pie when the AC is running.Have a terrific Labor Day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Harvey is cute. He and my Greta have similar coloring. She's not fond of the a/c either and will usually hang out in the attic where it's warmer.

  3. Mari,Sandee,Clueless,and CrystalChick,Harvey is 17 when you get old you are allowed to want to be warm all the time.When the sun is out and we are running the A/C he's parked by our sliding back door in the fulll sun.Harvey adopted us. he was a stray that was dumped by someone and living outside when he adopted us.

  4. I'm with Harvey… I like to snuggle into blankets when the house is nice and cool. Right now though, it just doesn't seem like it's EVER going to get cool again. I ready for fall.

  5. Syd, when our other babies RJ, Tigger,and BC were with us the bed would get quite crowded at night along with Harvey.each Cat would claim a different part of the bed. Tigger was a very timid girl kitty,the rest of the boys would gang up on she would sneak uponto the bed and squeeze between our pillows at night.the fun part woud be when tigger would \”pet\” my nose.

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