just for the heck of it.

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  1. Hi Mike,I'm Aquarius too.I want to tell you that I know that you are very traumatized because of the suicide attempt.I had two attempts while I was withdrawing Effexor, it was drug-induced and I know the difference, and I still feel like crying when I remember it.I will give you the link to my post about it.Don't blame yourself and if you have to feel sad and wait to overcome it you have to do it.It will go away with time.i remember when I was in therapy and while crying she said \”it's gone\” and it didn't calm me down.Maybe we have to live with this for the rest of our lives in lower levels as time goes by.You will forget it.One of the problems is that suicide is a forbidden issue and we cannot talk about it with everybody becasue they will surely acuse you this or that.Only those who have experience it know.Be at peace Mike.You deserve peace of mind.Love,Ana

  2. This is the link:http://justana-justana.blogspot.com/2009/03/one-of-my-suicide-attempts-while.htmlI still didn't write about the second time.It hurts too much…But it was with gas. I closed my room that has a bathroom and started sealing the window… i don't want to go further…not today. The \”this is withdrawal\” was there all the time. I can understand what happened to Traci Johnson the healthy 19 years old girl that hanged herself at Eli-Lilly's facilities.Something in the brain is triggered and makes the person violent (yes, I was violent during withdrawal like never in my life) and suicidal.Love,Ana

  3. Ana,this was my 5 or 6th attempt over the years. My attempt was do to an extreme moment of self hatered.I just happened to ust the medications that I take on a daily basis.I am happy to say that I am off all those medications and I seem to be doing ok.I still have some bouts of anoyance at things I still have trouble dealince with anger.but currently I do not want to harm myself and if I start feeling that way I have a bunch of telephone numbers programed into the phone next to me to call someone.

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