for those that need to this.

I am placing a link to a product called CCLeaner it will clean out your cookies and other stuff that may be slowing down you computer and the browser that you use.I find it help ful for my entrecard dropping.I believe this is what is causing the “ghost dropping” the a certain blogger was pointing fingers at on his blogs that caused a lot of GRIEF!!! YES CORNEYMAN I MEAN YOU.I have run into a problem on a couple of Entrtecard sites that shows I dropped on the site when I KNOW THAT I DID NOT.

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  1. We have that on our computers and it works well. One of my husbands co-workers used to work on computers a lot and he recommended it.

  2. Mari,My cousin Keith told me about it.originally the product was called crap cleaner but a lot of people got turned of by the name so it was renamed CCLEANER,and yes it does clean out all the crap in my computers as well.The fisst time I use it it took 20 minuits to clean out all the accumilated stuff in my computer.

  3. I'll give this a try Mike. I still don't understand the ghost dropper stuff, but oh well.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. Sandee,I know that there are a couple of sites that show i dropped on their card and I know I did not.that is what is called ghost dropping.I cleared my catch out but still the next day the sites shows I dropped when I did not.Go figure.

  5. It worries me that I'll end up having to log in to everything again – and I'll have forgotten my passwords. I'll maybe give it a try, with my fingers crossed.

  6. Sheila,That is why I have all my login ingotmation in a folder next to the computer that way if I forgot the password that all I got to so is open up the folder.God Whispers,you are welcome.

  7. I just got CCleaner two days ago. I was having all kinds of problems, and a computer guru recommended it to me.

  8. Matty,I have been useing this for a keeps my browsers (Fire Fox and Internet Explorer8) on their toes.

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