Sunday Song

This weeks sunday song comes from a friend of mine’s blog. Tammy I thank you for this great message.

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  1. Mike,I pray that you are doing better. This song is beautiful and really touched me when one of the slides and two of my most comforting verses that have taken me through some rough times.One, is about the tears in a bottle…Psalm 56:8 and two, is about being in the palm of His hand which is Isiah 49:14-17. I needed this today.thank you and take care of yourselfCC

  2. Clueless,I am doing good thank you.The great thing about these messages that I post is that they are just as helpful to me as they are to others.Sandee,Thank you. I will be spending some time with Pastor Steve today,he has started to visit with me once a week sicne I got home from the hospital. He is now my Spiritual councelor.

  3. What a beautiful song! The slide show with it really helps to point out God's love for every one of us.Glad to read you are doing better. ­čÖé

  4. Mike,So glad you liked the song and could share it with more people.Sending you hugs(((Mike))),Blessings,Tammy

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