The Independance Day Weekend

I hope that every one has a safe and sane Holiday weekend. Just take some time to reflect on why we have this holiday and those that gave their lives in the fight to make that happen.

9 Comments on “The Independance Day Weekend

  1. I will indeed reflect on the importance of this holiday Mike.Happy Independence Day pal. Big hug to you both. ­čÖé

  2. Mike…love this post!we are the land of the free, only because of our brave!~AM

  3. Mike, I hope that you have a good fourth. It is good to reflect on the meaning of the day.

  4. AirmanMom,you are so right!Syd,Thank you I hope that you and your family has a great weekend.

  5. The 4th of July is so much more than parades, barbeques and fireworks. We need to remember. We need to reflect. We need to give thanks. God bless America!

  6. Happy 4th of July Mike. ­čśÇ Hopefully your weekend has been fully of blessings!

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