a good video

I saw this on Tammy’s site and Just had to post it here as well.I hope that you enjoy this one.

So if you like this one Please feel free to pass it on as I did.

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  1. Mike,This is one of my favorite Anne Murray songs. Thanks for posting it. Hope you're doing well.Blessings,Mary

  2. Never heard the song before. Anne Murray does it well. Thanks Mike. An encouraging video. Too bad we as a society cannot share more good news! Blessings….

  3. I disagree with your assessment on this one Mike. It's not a good video it's an EXCELLENT video. I love it.Have a great day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. This is just what I want for Christmas… World Peace.I love Anne Murray. Excellent and thank you for posting it from Tammy's blog.

  5. Sandee,I'm glad you enjoyed this one.I almost said it was a great video,but I did not.Mari,I'm glad that I decided to post this one.it says it all.Finding Pam,Not only for Christmas but every day of the century.Just Be Real,you got that right!

  6. Mike, thank you for sharing this video. It's my favorite song from anne murray and who knew back then that it would still speak to the state of the world today. It's sad to me to know that this song is fairly old now and when you listen to the words… we are still calling for the same thing today.Thank you for sharing with your followers.HugsTammy

  7. Tammy,Yes it has the same meaning today as when it was first dome.Edwenn Starr's song War has the same meaning as well.

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