A Prayer Request for Jeremy.

I’m asking prayers for a fellow blogger,Jeremy needs them for his Mom she was taken to the hospital having chest pains.Please keep him and His Mom in your prayers.I’m putting up a link so you can go and give him a kind word or 2

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  1. Mike I don't know if you saw the update @ 335pm but they did confirm she is having heart trouble at this point.

  2. Done Mike. I see there is an additional update from Jeremy here. I'm praying.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  3. Prayers will go up. Mike, I've been reading your blog but my posting has been randomn. I apologize and have not forgotten you. I hope your seizures are getting better and good for you getting the shot. I hope you'll be feeling better soon. HUGS to you. Tammy

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