A Personal Milestone.

I have been writing about my attempt to loose weight for some time now. My highest weight this time was 316 lbs.(something that I was not proud of) I stepped on the scale just before taking my daily shower and was pleasantly surprised that I have finally broke thorough the plateau that I have been holding at for a couple of weeks.I am now at 286 lbs.that’s right 286 for a total of 30 lbs down.My ultimate goal is to be under 250 lbs. I would love to be at my high school weight of 215 lbs,I really would,unfortunately the last time I was at that weight I was in the 11 Th grade. Some 38 years ago.I ams still limited in the way I do exersize due to the seizures and have been doing the portion cintrol method of weight loss.

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  1. Oh very well done Mike! It took me 10 months to lose 16lbs and for the past month my weight hasn't changed. As I have another 28lbs to lose I am desperately trying hard.

  2. Good for you, that is wonderful.I too can't exercise with severe asthma so getting the weight off takes allot longer. Give yourself a pat on the back from me.

  3. Alright Mike !!!My HS weight was 170, but that was an athletic, NO FAT at all body type. I actually would not want to be that thin again.At one point I was 240, about 7 years ago. It was mainly because of poor diet and drinking. When I became a sober changed person, I also changed my eating and excersize patterns, and dropped to 205. That is about what I am now. People noticed this change, and always asked me how I did it. It was a shift in purchases. I had veggies and no fat high fiber item in the house, and ate lean meats.Now that I have stablized at what I cansider my own \”healthy\” weight, I do have a few of those \”bad\” snacks around, but am very active at work. Congratulations in your own personal goals Mike. I know that they require changing life patterns, and that is not always an easy step. You know something? … when I conquered alcohol ( my biggest problem ) suddenly other obstacles in my life seems less unattainable. I now have an \”I can do that\” attitude. I think that having that positive attitude is key to any goal.

  4. Travis,thank you.Akelamalu,I do not care how long it takes me to loose the weight,I'm just happy to be under 290.SpeedCat,that is amazing the you have been able to get sober.I have been sober since 17 December 1990.The I can do that attitude helps a lot.Hugs to your for your personal milestones as well.Nessa.thank you.Mari,one step at a time and one day at a time is the key word.

  5. Congratulations! My husband has lost 27 lbs so far by portion control, and so I know what's involved. That's been a six month struggle but at least the way of eating seems normal now.

  6. I am so happy for you Mike. I know it is something that I HAVE to get serious about and soon. I don't know why I keep ignoring my health.You are an inspiration my friend!

  7. sheila,yes as time goes on it igets easier with the portion sizes.Good for your hubby.Jennifer,we all can do a the weight loss thing some faster that others.the main thing is to sratr and not give up.

  8. Congratulations Mike!I thought of you the other day. I went to someone's house and she had a hammered Dulcimer. She is learning to play. It was beautiful to hear in person.

  9. Nicci,thanks for stopping by.Now you know why I live the instrament.Tell that someone to just keep hammerin' away.it is fun to do so and a great stress reliver as well.some thins I just wail away at mine.

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